Special Education Advocacy

Individual Special Education Advocacy Assistance

Special education can be intensive and expensive. If you have a child with special needs, you may wind up negotiating with the school district for the services your child needs to receive an “appropriate” education. To prevail, you need information, skills and tools. ALL services we offer. We can prepare you for meetings with the school or attend meetings with you as a person with specialized knowledge concerning your child’s disability. Our services include:
✓ Initial consultation,
✓ Obtain records
✓ Review and Evaluate Records
✓ Research appropriate services specific to your child’s needs
✓ Assist with obtaining current evaluations &/or assessments
✓ Develop recommended goals/objectives
✓ Attend IEP/IFSP development, review, and interim meetings
✓ Consult with & make referrals to other professionals as needed
✓ Assist with mediation
✓ Provide training on how to become an effective advocate for your child