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Presentations & Workshops

Voice Advocacy Center provides training to parents and those desiring to become advocates of children with disabilities to prepare them to make decisions about the child’s education. Our special education advocacy and parent/advocate resource center conduct workshops(some free/fee for service) in the community and at our center on numerous topics, a brief listing of some of our workshops is below:

Parents’ Rights and Responsibilities Under the Law: An Overview of the Special Education Process.

How to Participate Successfully in Designing the Individualized Education Program (IEP) for Your Child.

Monitoring the progress of your child’s IEP Goals to meet adequate yearly progress

How to Advocate Effectively and Work Collaboratively with Professionals.

The Laws: What are They and How Do They Differ? How Do They Protect My Child With Special Needs?

Transition: What Help Can I Expect as my Child Prepares to Leave School? When should Transition Planning Begin?

Disproportionality: What is it? How do we address it? What are the effects of it?

The Ins and Outs of Behavioral/Emotional Disorders and the Intervention Plans designed to help kids with discipline issues.​

Dyslexia: Dispelling the Myths! What does dyslexia mean? How is it Diagnosed? How to do I advocate for accommodations and services such as a specialized reading program?

Please contact our office for a list of all workshops offered