Fees & Expenses

Fees For Special Education Advocacy Services, Reading and Spelling Tutoring, Dyslexia Screening, Dyslexia Tutoring, and Consultative Services

Please email us to receive a fee schedule.

Voice Advocacy Center (VAC’s) advocacy fees are determined by the relationship of family income to the US Poverty threshold as published by the US Census Bureau for the most recent available year.

Access to ALL

At VAC we aim…

To increase accessibility to effective, structured literacy methods and approaches. We recognize that while some individuals can comfortably afford tutoring, for others, access to reading and spelling tutoring for struggling readers, dsylexia screening, dyslexia tutoring and SPED Advocacy is outside of reach. For this reason, we have adopted an accessible sliding scale payment option. Our aim is to increase access to all for quality structured literacy practices while also ensuring fair compensation for our hard-working staff and tutors by asking clients to pay according to their available resources.

*Determination of income for families will follow standardized guidelines. Families will be permitted to use certification for existing subsidized services (WIC, free and reduced school lunch, and SSI) as verification.

Payments arrangements are accepted with prior approval.