Latecia J. Fox Scholarship Fund

Latecia JaLynn Fox was born on July 25, 1990, to Felicia Fox and Larry Wayne Craigmiles Jr. Latecia was entrusted to the care of her Beloved Grandmother Annie Fox up until the age of 8 years old. At that time guardianship was transferred to her mother Clarice Jackson-President and CEO of Voice Advocacy Center in 1999, who was Latecia’s Title I Reading Paraprofessional.

Although Latecia struggled in school due to undiagnosed dyslexia she advanced to the 4th grade unable to read but, she never allowed that challenge to cause her to give up. Latecia would overcome dyslexia, just like she would do with other obstacles in her life. Latecia was a very special child with an infectious smile that would brighten up the darkest room!

On January 24, 2015; Latecia’s life on this side was abruptly taken from all who knew and loved her. Clarice’s daughter was killed due to senseless violence! In her own words, Latecia said; “Hopefully my life story helps parents around the world to get your kids tested, reading is very important! I came a long way and it was hard for me but I did it with the help of my family and my mom and they never gave up on me, don’t give up on your kids! Dyslexia is important please get your kids tested!”

The Latecia J. Fox Scholarship fund will help other youth who struggle to read, write, and spell due to dyslexia. A donation can be made through this website designated to her fund or taken to any U.S. Bank under the Latecia J. Fox Scholarship Fund.

Latecia was more than a sister, more than a daughter, more than a granddaughter, niece, cousin or friend. She was a divine gift from God sent to this world to create a legacy that would live beyond her and change the lives of those who faced some of the same obstacles she faced and overcame. She used her voice to speak about the injustices that children with dyslexia faced and advocated on behalf of “anyone” who needed a voice. Latecia will be remembered by many people for many things, but we all can agree that her Life Mattered! Latecia Fox will always be Remembered, Loved, and Celebrated!

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