Decoding Dyslexia Nebraska

Decoding Dyslexia NE is an extension of our non-profit organization Voice Advocacy Center. Decoding Dyslexia NE is a Grassroots SUPPORT GROUP and not a business for parents, educators, foster care parents,policy makers and anyone else interested in being a voice for systemic change, championing the cause for effective interventions and accommodations for children with dyslexia in public or private school or those wanting to find out about Dyslexia.

Our Goals

✓ We aim to raise dyslexia awareness and the laws to pertain to it
✓ Empower families to support their children and start support groups in their own regions
✓ Unite parents and pull resources from other organizations so that collectively we can promote change within our educational system.
✓ Inform policy makers on best practices to identify, remediate and support students with dyslexia in our public schools.

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We are a volunteer group made up of parents of children who are dyslexic. We are not experts, nor are we a business or an educational organization. We can only offer other parents the benefit of our collective experiences. We encourage parents to meet with their local school administrators to tell the story of their child, and request teacher development and training in understanding and remediating dyslexia to support the dyslexic children within our educational system. We also encourage you to join our local Nebraska Dyslexia Association.